AR8200MK3 Upgrade Procedures

AOR U.S.A., INC. is making upgrade service available for existing owners of the AR8200MK3 wideband receiver.

This upgrade will add the following additional features to your AR8200MK3:

  • APCO25 (P25) decoding (in conventional mode)
  • CTCSS (Tone Squelch) decoding
  • Voice recording on micro SD card (in .wav format)
  • USB interface
  • Analog voice scrambler decoder (for Government users only)

After the modification is made to the unit, the following accessories can no longer be used:

  • CC8200A (RS-232C serial interface)
  • IF8200 (Straight interface cable, a new IF8200A will be available)
  • TE8200 (Tone eliminator card)
  • EM8200 (External memory card)

Once the unit has been upgraded, these accessories will not be needed because the functions are included in the modification:

  • USB8200 (USB interface)
  • CR8200 (Tape recording cable)
  • CT8200 (CTCSS card)
  • VI8200 (Voice Inverter card)

To qualify for a modification, your receiver must meet at least one of the following:

  • Serial number: 05XXXX, 055XXX, or 15XXXX
  • Receiver model: AR8200MK3 only
  • US consumer version or US government version (for eligible users)

Before sending in your AR8200MK3, please note the following:

  • Your receiver must be in good working condition (If any problems are found, an additional repair charge will be added.)
  • NOTE: The modification cannot be removed or reversed. Once modified, the unit will no longer be able to return to its previous condition.
  • The modification will be offered to US residents who submit the unit, signed forms and payment. Canadian users may also send in for an upgrade, but must pay any duties, taxes, and return shipping charges. Please contact AOR USA before sending the unit.
  • No accessories need to be shipped with your package. Just send in the AR8200MK3 receiver itself.
  • You may use USPS, Fedex, UPS or any carriers to send in. We strongly suggest the unit be insured. AOR is not responsible for any damage to the unit during incoming transportation.
  • The existing power control board will be removed and swapped with the new digital control board and will not be returned.
  • The voice inversion capability will be disabled after the upgrade for all consumer version (Cellular Blocked) of the unit.
  • The bottom slot card connector and card ejector on the left side of the receiver will be removed. (See the photos of the modified AR8200MK3 receiver)

Left side (Before)
Left side (Before)
Left side (After)
Left side (After)
Right side (Before)
Right side (Before)
Right side (After)
Right side (After)

Bottom cover (Before)

Bottom cover (After)

Cost for the digital upgrade modification:

  • The cost for the modification is $350.00 (US). This includes parts, labor and return shipping (by UPS ground, insured)
  • Additional tax will be applied to all California residents.
  • Acceptable payment methods are Check, money orders or PayPal.
  • Normal turnaround: 4 to 6 weeks (additional time may be required)

Accessories included with the modification:

  • 1   4GB micro SD card (for voice recording)
  • 1   SD card adapter (micro SD card adapter)
  • 1   USB A ←→ USB Mini (B) 3 feet USB cable (2.0)
  • 1   Instruction manual for new features

You must accept all the above terms and conditions if you wish to have your AR8200Mk3 modified.