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10-30-2014 NEW REVOLUTIONARY RECEIVER FOR 2015! It's called the AR-DV1 DIGITAL VOICE RECEIVER, planned to be released sometime next year. AR-DV1 is a stand-alone SDR receiver which can receive both analog and digital transmissions. It is compatible with many popular digital modes:
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
dPMR (Digital Private Mobile Radio)
Yaesu Digital
Alinco Digital
AOR G4GUO (=used in ARD9000/9800)

AOR is the first and only manufacturer to offer stand-alone (PC-less) automatic decoding of so many digital modes!
A prototype of AR-DV1 has been presented for the first time at the HAMFAIR in Tokyo on Aug. 23/24, and attracted a lot of attention from the visitors!
A “pre-release” brochure with basic specifications can be dowloaded here.
12-20-2013 ARD300 MULTI-DIGITAL VOICE DECODER now available! Decode dPMR, D-STAR, APCO25, NXDN, Yaesu & Alinco digital, Digital-CR with your analog receiver! AOR proudly brings a solution to a common problem the listening enthusiasts are facing: There are less and less signals to listen to with a traditional analog receiver, as digital communication slowly but surely is replacing analog communication. This is where ARD300 comes in place by spicing up your listening hobby! Product page here.
02-13-2013 AR6000 now available for sale.
12-29-2012 LA400 and LA800 now available.
09-05-2012 AR8200MK3 Update modification now available.
07-27-2012 We are pleased that the reviews of AR5001D and ARL2300 appeared in Popular Communications magazine. (Courtesy of Popular Communications)
"In Review: The AR5001D Digital receiver" by Ken Reiss WPC0KR, Popular Communications June 2012
"In Review: The AOR ARL 2300 LAN Interface" by Ken Reiss WPC0KR, Popular Communications April 2012
07-27-2012 AR8200MK3 Handheld receiver’s option socket format change. The type of the option socket located on the side of the AR8200MK3 receiver will have to be changed to another type starting with the receiver serial number 152831 in the GOVERNMENT VERSION and 554251 in the US CONSUMER VERSION. We regret this inconvenience due to sudden unavailability of this socket part.
This is only a socket ”shape” difference, there is no change in features and performance, nevertheless this means that the following optional cables won't be compatible anymore with the new socket:
          CR8200 recording cable
          8200USB (USB) interface cable
          8200PC (serial) interface cable
In the near future we are going to produce the three above cables compatible with the receiver's new socket. Stay tuned for release information...
05-18-2012 Due to delivery delays affecting components for the new AR8200D and digital upgrade kit for the AR8200 Mark III, availability of this products and service will be delayed for approximately one month. Detailed information will be posted on this site when the upgrade is available. Thank you for your patience.
07-22-2011 We are please to announce the release today of the long awaited ARL2300 ETHERNET CONTROLLER option for the AR2300 and AR5001D receivers!
ARL2300 ETHERNET CONTROLLERARL2300 allows remote control and remote listening through LAN and the Internet.
Please note that as for any network related remote control device, a good understanding of LAN,WAN, routers, IP addresses, port forwarding, etc... is necessary to set-up and use ARL2300.
Feel free to download the ARL2300 manual at http://www.aorusa.com/support/manuals.html, which will give you a good idea of this device's great potential.
07-22-2011 New Controlsoft version available for AR2300/AR5001D with memory channel bug fixed!
Download at http://www.aorusa.com/support/software.html
05-30-2011 Control software for AR2300/5001D available for download.
05-18-2011 GP5001 GPS option for AR2300/AR5001D released
05-12-2011 AR-STV download utility added
  AS5001 Antenna selector unit page added
  Receiver accessory table updated
01-05-2011 Trade show and exhibition schedule for 2011

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