Products Contents Alternate
AR950 Operating Manual (314kB)
AR2001 operating manual (327kB)
AR2002 operating manual (382kB)
AR2001/AR2002 operating manual quick reference sheet (69kB)
AR2500 operating manual (587kB)
AR2800 Operating Manual (550kB)
AR3000 operating manual (240kB)
AR3000A Operating Manual (1.96MB)
AR3030 Shortwave Receiver (333kB)
AR5000 Operating Manual (2.5MB)
AR5000 RS-232C command protocol (278kB)
AR5000 Operating Manual addendum (84kB)
AR5000+3 Operating Manual addendum (154kB)
AR5000A / AR5000A+3 Operating Manual addendum (16.7kB)
AR7000 Operating Manual (DRAFT) (156kB)
AR7030 operating manual (1.6MB)
AR7030 PLUS addendum also used for NB7030 (290kB)
AR7030 RS232 command list (48kB)
AR8600 Operating Manual (1.99MB)
AR8600-MK2 100 kHz-3000MHz, Commercial Grade, Base / Mobile Type BROCHURE (217kB)
AR-ALPHA 10kHz-3500MHz, Digitally processed Professional Grade, Base Type BROCHURE  (18.4MB - High Resolution)
Ditto- BROCHURE                    (6.8MB- Low Resolution)    
SR2200 25MHz-3000MHz, Compact Black-Box BROCHURE (668kB)


Products Contents Alternate
AR22 operating manual (64kB)
AR800E operating manual (83kB)
AR880 operating manual (115kB)
AR900 operating manual (337kB)
AR1000 operating manual, same as AR2000 in operation
AR1500 operating manual (227kB)
AR2000 operating manual (515kB)
AR2700 Operating Manual (331kB)
AR8000 Operating Manual (490kB)
CU8232 RS232 operating manual for AR8000 & AR2700 (225kB)
AR8200 Operating Manual (1.41MB)
AR8200 MK2 operating manual addendum (77.7kB)
AR8200 RS232 command protocol (CC8200) (154kB)
AR8200-MK3 530 kHz-3000MHz, Professional Grade Handheld Type BROCHURE (237kB)
AR8200-MK3-IR AR8200 MK-III, Special model for Night Vision Goggles BROCHURE (36.8kB)
AR-Mini 100kHz-1299.995MHz, Palm-size 10key-less scanner receiver BROCHURE (1.84MB)
AR-Mini 100kHz-1299.995MHz, Palm-size 10key-less scanner receiver V1.1 (1.16MB)


Products Contents Alternate
SR2000 Operating Manual (1.95MB)


Products Contents Alternate
SDU5000 operating manual (424kB)
SDU5500 Operating Manual (658kB)
SDU5500 Operating Manual addendum (7.22kB)
SDU5600 Operating Manual (1.0MB)


LA390 10kHz-500MHz, Receive only, Indoor Hi-Q compact loop antenna BROCHURE (258kB)
LA400 10kHz-500MHz, Receive only magnetic loop antenna BROCHURE (1.1MB)
LA800 10kHz-500MHz, Receive only super loop antenna BROCHURE (844kB)


Products Contents Alternate
ARD9000 operating manual (2.39MB)
ARD9000 MK2 Digital voice modem for HF analogue transceivers BROCHURE(156kB)


Products Contents Alternate
AR21 TNC operating manual (1.4MB)
AR24 modem operating manual (6.6MB)
AR210 TNC operating manual (924kB)
AR280 2m HAM transceiver operating manual (207kB)
AR570 Trans.View operating manual (427kB)
ARD-2 ACARS/NAVTEX operating manual (129kB)
ARD-2 operating manual addendum (9kB)
DDS-2A Ext. VFO operating manual (928kB)
TR720 airband transceiver operating manual (215kB)
WX1000 WEFAX decoder / display unit operating manual (827kB)
WX2000 WEFAX decoder / display unit operating manual (1.5MB)

Note regarding AR8200, AR8600 manuals and some other files:

The internet version resolution of graphics in this manual are relatively poor due to restraints on file size.
The original artwork uses WMF vector graphics produced by CorelDraw, these being imported into PageMaker (PC).
The Acrobat output PDF resulting was HUGE (several tens of MB). In an attempt to keep the file size more manageable, every WMF has been manually replaced (long job) with a TIFF bitmap... the resulting output was smaller but still too big! As a result the image quality has been forced down during distillation to a PDF, but graphics are poor, it should still be of some assistance though!