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AR-DV1 100kHz-1300MHz, SDR Digital Voice Receiver, Mobile Type (3.5MB)
Ditto-                     (823kB- Low Resolution)    
AR-DV10 100kHz-1300MHz, Digital Receiver, Handheld Type (2.1MB)
AR2300 40kHz-3150MHz, Digitally processed Professional Grade, Black-Box (1.76MB)
[NEW] AR2300 I/Q Special Edition 40kHz-3150MHz, An Enhanced Version of AR2300 Black-Box Receiver (4.3MB)
AR5001D 40kHz-3150MHz, Professional Grade Communications Receiver (604kB)
AR5700D 9kHz-3.7GHz Digital Communications Receiver (2.4MB)
AR6000 Professional Grade 9kHz-6GHz Wide Range Receiver (2.1MB)
AR-IQ AR-ALPHA Digital I/Q Professing software (427kB)
AR-ONE 10kHz-3300MHz, Professional Grade, Base / Mobile Type (166kB)
AR-ONE-C AR-ONE, frequency coherent version (517kB)

Accessory table for AOR receivers (49kB)

RF Front-end

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[Updated] RF-6G 500kHz - 6GHz, RF FRONT-END (241kB)


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[NEW] DA1500 70MHz-1500MHz Receive only compact discone antenna (370kB)
DA3200 25MHz-3000MHz, Receive only, wideband discone antenna (2.29MB)
DA6000 700MHz-6GHz, Commercial Grade discone antenna (1MB)
MA500 25MHz-2000MHz, Receive only, Magnetic-mount mobile whip antenna (366kB)
SA7000 30kHz-2000MHz, Receive only, Wideband whip antenna (149kB)


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ABF128 108MHz-136MHz Band-Pass-Filter for air-band monitoring (131kB)
ABF128-SMA 108MHz-136MHz Band-Pass-Filter for air-band monitoring (286kB)
LN4000 100MHz-3000MHz, Wideband Low-Noise-Amplifier for receivers (163kB)
MC-600 10kHz-30MHz, Impedance matching transformer for antique receivers (161kB)
GT-1 40kHz-30MHz, Galvanic isolation transformer (606kB)
[Updated] AS5001 Antenna Selector for AR5000, AR-ALPHA, AR5001D (serial # dependant), AR6000 (serial # dependant) (253kB)
[NEW] AS5700 Antenna Selector for AR5700, AR5001D (serial # dependant), AR6000 (serial # dependant) (256kB)
[Updated] GP5001 GPS option for AR2300/AR5001D/AR6000/AR5700D (172kB)
ARL2300 Ethernet Controller option for AR2300/AR5001D/AR6000/AR5700D receivers (568kB)
CT8200, EM8200, TE8200, VI8200, RU8200 AR8200 Options Brochure (398kB)
LA400-RCK Extension cables for LA400 (193kB)


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ARD300 Multi-digital voice decoder for dPMR, D-Star, P25, NXDN, Yaesu & Alinco digital and D-CR (250kB).
ARD9800 Digital voice, image and data modem for HF analogue transceivers(92kB)
ARD9900 ARD9800 with data encyption version (363kB)